Identifying and engaging cross-sector talent to deliver groundbreaking Innovation in Education to keep our partners at the forefront of digital transformation.

The field of education is undergoing a rapid transformative evolution. The way we learn and the contexts in which we learn are dramatically changing through the integration of AI, machine learning, and immersive tech, including VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and advanced data analytics.

Innovation in Education provides a specialised executive search practice dedicated to digital and tech innovation in education. We partner with world-leading Higher Education institutions, top-tier business schools, innovative commercial education organisations, and those at the cutting edge of EdTech who are working at tremendous pace to leverage new technologies that create maximum impact for learners and their institutions.

Why Choose Spencer Group?

With over 20 years of experience placing exceptional senior leadership into EdTech, Commercial Education, and Higher Education contexts, Spencer Group brings deep expertise and insight into the application of technology to education.

Employing proven search methodologies, extensive cross-sector networks, and industry best practices, Innovation in Education identifies and secures diverse, top-tier digital and tech leadership, adept at navigating the distinct complexities of university contexts and the commercial landscape of EdTech. Our sector-leading combination of networks and expertise puts us in an exceptionally strong position to access the global commercial talent required to drive digital transformation.

Our efforts extend beyond digital delivery of education to a range of functional areas across teaching and learning, research, student experience, enterprise, and professional services, all of which require digital strategies and capabilities. In emerging tech areas such as AI, data analytics, and immersive technologies, we are live in a vibrant market, having recently placed globally leading specialists in gamification, simulation, experiential and immersive learning, and generative AI.

Our Bespoke Search Process

The Innovation in Education practice embodies Spencer Group’s corporate philosophy, emphasising a results-driven, precision approach to executive search and employing a truly rigorous and in-depth search methodology.

We work collaboratively with educational institutions and EdTech companies, acknowledging their unique missions, aspirations, and challenges. Unlike other executive search firms, Spencer Group does not overly rely on a ‘little black book’ of contacts; instead, we map the market extensively for each client and each role, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive result.

Our Innovation in Education team truly partners with our clients, seeking to deeply understand their context and needs to provide strategic insights and high-level advocacy for each search.

Established Partnerships with Industry Leaders

Our collaborations with forward-thinking institutions and emerging tech-focused companies have yielded cutting-edge educational services, platforms, and products.

We’ve recently partnered with Imperial College London on the appointment of their Executive Director, IDEA Lab, Imperial College Business School & Academic Director, Experiential Learning and with the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) on the appointment of their Chief Learning Innovation Officer.

Many of our clients are engaged in full-scale digital transformation programmes that require new leadership architecture to support their strategies. We come alongside, consulting on best-in-kind leadership architecture and assisting our client partners in identifying and engaging leaders who will implement the proper tools, processes, and systems across their entire educational ecosystem.

As a specialist practice, we provide not only individual search assignments, but we also have a proven track record building entire teams via our Project solution and enabling organisations to build talent pipelines via our Bench solution, so that they are able to move rapidly and stay ahead in this quickly evolving and highly competitive space.

Driving the Future of Learning Together

Spencer Group’s Innovation in Education practice is not merely anticipating the future of learning; we’re actively shaping it.

Our deep and long-standing experience and expertise in digital and tech leadership, combined with our broad sector knowledge, global networks, tailored approach, and unwavering commitment to excellence, position us as genuine partners who can add true value to help you achieve your ambitions.

We invite you to explore how Spencer Group’s specialist Innovation in Education practice can partner with you to drive innovation and shape the future of learning. To learn more or begin an introductory conversation, please contact our Head of Practice, Dr Micah Coston.

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