Growing your career with us

The Spencer Group is committed to consistently delivering truly exceptional consultancy services to our clients across the world.  An unrelenting commitment to quality, passion and pride in our work form some of the essential ingredients behind what continues to makes us a partner of choice.  Our working environment facilitates the success and personal development of each member of our team, whilst creating a culture that is challenging, stimulating and a lot of fun!

Our environment is collaborative yet empowering. A truly great atmosphere built on team work, where people can progress based on their performance and abilities.  We have Directors that have progressed from trainee’s and sector leaders who are building their own practices across diverse and exciting areas like education technology.



We are proud of our company culture. We focus on empowerment, challenge, commitment, enthusiasm and openness.

A key part of our culture is the element of challenge; team members are encouraged to try new experiences and step outside comfortable limits in order to grow and develop. This is further facilitated by our rigorous training approach and supportive atmosphere.

A non-hierarchical structure allows every member of the team is encouraged to take on responsibility, to step up to the task at hand, to offer input and to motivate themselves to succeed. There is an expectation of high standards and a proactive ‘can-do’ attitude across all levels of the business; everyone is dedicated to performing to the expectations of colleagues and clients and will go above and beyond to achieve excellence.

Philanthropy is also integral to our culture. Not only do we continue to look at ways in which we can positively impact our local community, we also make annual commitments to fund projects that provide safe, clean water to those who need it, via The Water Project.


Professional development

We invest heavily in our staff and from the day of your arrival, you will immediately benefit from a bespoke training plan developed in conjunction with your own aspirations and skills. As an organisation that is growing rapidly, we can offer each individual a defined pathway to progression that will be mapped out to give you a realistic understanding of the steps you need to take to advance. With openings in multiple practices and an unrivalled expertise in a range of markets, we create an environment where you can continuously grow, and thrive.


Rewards and recognition

The Spencer Group’s success is based on delivering outstanding results and as such, ‘excellence’ is one of our core values. We believe in recognising outstanding individual and team performances over and above our generous commission scheme.  We offer both individual and team incentives to recognise exceptional performances.  Many of our consultants have been rewarded with fully paid evenings at exclusive restaurants, including The Fat Duck, whilst our entire team have enjoyed trips to Paris, dinner at the Shard, race days, as well as more leisurely cruises on the Thames.


Contact us today

Whether you are already experienced in recruitment/executive search and looking to take your career to the next level or a graduate, we would love to hear from you.  Even if it’s making contact with us now with the future in mind, we would still encourage you to contact us.

Our internal recruitment process is thorough, but also two way.  We are very discerning about who we bring on-board but recognise talented individuals will be equally selective when making decisions on their careers.  It is therefore essential there is a good fit for all parties. We will test all aspects of an individual, but reciprocate by being very candid and transparent through the recruitment process.

Passion, honesty, intellect, curiosity, drive, commitment to quality and self-improvement, integrity and ambition are some of the qualities we look for. 

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