Case Study: Senior leadership assignments for a rapidly expanding independent higher-education provider

The Spencer Group recently partnered with an independent provider of higher education established for over 30 years, which had just received considerable private investment.

The institution faced the challenge of driving significant growth in student numbers while applying for taught-degree awarding powers and opening a number of new operations. There were also extremely high expectations on the part of the investors regarding the calibre of individuals coming into the organisation.

The Spencer Group was engaged to overcome market misconceptions and find appropriate candidates from recognised organisations, both within and outside the education sector. Over the course of a year, we were retained on a number of extremely challenging assignments and successfully delivered on all, including the appointment of a Pro-Vice Chancellor, Principal, Director of Student Recruitment, Head of Domestic Outreach, Head of Marketing and two Heads of International.

Shortlists for all of the assignments were prepared within six weeks, each containing five or six high-calibre individuals who matched the defined profiles and were highly engaged with the opportunity. In each case, the organisation secured the preferred individual, with two of the shortlists being considered so strong that multiple candidates were successfully appointed.