Our Services

Executive Search

The Spencer Group’s executive search process has been developed over a decade to provide outstanding depth and breadth of market evaluation, so we can deliver results for our clients wherever in the world they require talent.

We always begin with a rigorous, in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs. This creates the foundation upon which successful completion of assignments is built.

After the specification process, we investigate and map the target candidate pool in great detail.

Our approach is designed to do one thing with exceptional consistency: to provide quality shortlists of market-leading talent that give our clients a genuine choice.

This rigour extends to the depth of our understanding of each candidate, their situation, their drivers and their concerns – enabling our clients to secure the talent they need.

Once an assignment is completed, our support does not stop there. We stay in contact with our candidates to make sure they embed into our clients’ organisation and thrive to deliver our clients’ significant commercial  impact.