“They’re an outstanding recruitment partner with over 20 years’ experience and a deep understanding of the eClinical landscape based on their deep understanding of me and the businesses in which I have worked. I trust them to deliver high calibre candidates with the right experience, skills and cultural values first time. Our partnership has helped me consistently build stable, high performing global teams across the eClinical market.”

Ian Jennings, Signant Health, Chief Commercial Officer

“Been a trusted recruitment partner for over 20 years, as I have developed and grown many eClinical businesses. Spencer Group has grown with me to find and recruit highly innovative and entrepreneurial teams – I see them as an extension of my team. They take time to learn and understand the market and its challenges, but also valuable time to learn about my businesses culture and team environment to ensure each candidate is the right fit. Never failed to deliver for me, an extension of my businesses.”

Neil Rotherham, Greenphire, NED and Founder Investor

“Trust Spencer Group to hire the best’. Spencer Group are an executive recruitment partner I can trust to deliver by identifying and engaging with talented eClinical Professionals, who wish to thrive and grow with me in a fast-moving business. Not only do they provide great advice but they have a deep understanding of the eClinical market and its challenges.”

Tim Davis, Veeva Systems, Vice President of Strategy, MyVeeva for Patients

“They have an excellent network and proven recruitment strategies, making them an ideal executive recruitment partner. Known for their ability to be proactive and constantly engaged in order to secure market leading talent in a rapidly growing organisations for the long term.”

Steve Kent, Chair of Phlexglobal, Former Non Executive Chairman at CRF Health

“I wanted to make sure that whoever was going to take on this huge project was someone with the commitment we needed to achieve the scalability and someone that we could trust. I knew that the Spencer Group was that partner. The fact that 20 years later we are still working with a trusted partner is testament to the fact that it works.”

John Blakeley, Calyx, Chief Commercial Officer

“Spencer Group was the natural choice for a recruitment partner because we know what they can bring to the table. CluePoints has used Spencer Group before – I myself was headhunted into the company by the Spencer Group, back in 2014 – and I was very supportive of using them again. Trust in the process definitely came into it. We knew that it would be robust and objective, that they would ensure we didn’t take any shortcuts, and that they would get it right. We also knew that they would provide a quick and efficient build out, and that they would be able to spin a lot of plates. When all this was happening, we were a very small company, and we needed to complete the programme in parallel to continuing to scale. Time was short, so having a trusted partner we knew we could empower to be across a lot of the detail was very comforting.”

Dan Beaudry, Cluepoints, Senior Vice President, Customer Success